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Meet the Subcielo school from inside

Our mission? That you reach your goals thanks to our help: that you learn Kitesurf by having fun and in the safest way.

We believe that anyone can start this adventure, enjoying the sun, the sea, meeting people, but above all discovering their full potential to practice this sport.

Our experience has taught us that, to kitesurf, and especially to enjoy it, you have to learn to do it at your own pace and, above all, have the appropriate training.

More than a sport. A lifestyle

For us Kitesurfing has always been more than just a sport. It's a lifestyle, it's passion. We enjoyed kiteboarding 356 days a year. For this reason, we transfer, every day, our love for this sport to all our students.

Did you know that kitesurfing has become the fashion sport? And it's a perfect anti-stress, it allows you to gain speed when it comes to making decisions,meet people with the same interests, and is one of the easiest water sports to practice once you've completed your kiteboarding instruction.

A little more about us. Meet the team in full

Since 2002 we have helped hundreds of students to start in the exciting world of Kitesurfing,to progress in their objectives, and to improve their technique even when they had already gathered the necessary knowledge.

Maria Victoria López Kitesurf

Maria Victoria Lopez

Monitor and founder of Subcielo

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Manuel Beltran Kitesurf Tarifa

Manuel Beltran

Monitor and founder of Subcielo

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Gustavo Arrojo Kitesurf

Gustavo Arrojo

Naish International Monitor and Rider

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We are Maria Victoria and Manuel
Professional kitesurfers, qualified trainers and founders of the Kitesurfing School

We are Manuel and Victoria, owners of the school and at the same time the teachers who will assist you in your Kitesurfing classes.

Something not all kite schools in Tarifa can say and we think it has a lot of value for you.

If one thing is clear, it is that to start in this sport you do not need to have skills and also not have a privileged body. Anyone who proposes it and lets themselves be guided by us, can get on a board and enjoy this wonderful experience.

We love challenges and are even more passionate about teaching our students the kite practice.

Kitesurfing has brought many benefits to our lives. Not only has it made us feel healthier and more energetic, but it has also allowed us to meet wonderful people who enrich our lives every day.

We know every corner of Tarifa and its beaches like the back of our hands, so we would love to guide you in your new adventure.

How was Subcielo born?

Our history began a good day in 2002 (and so much so that it was) We, Maria Victoria and Manuel, were on vacation in Tarifa, specifically in Caños de Meca.

We made a stop to buy some T-shirts. A stop that was a key moment for our lives as we were told about the water sport Flysurf (a sport composed of a 2-line kite and a board that slides through the water). We were so struck by the decision that we made the decision to join a Kitesurfing course.

A course that, although it was a great challenge for us because of the limited training they gave us, made us awaken our desire to overcome and continue.

So much so, that we were for 1 year learning, facing all kinds of obstacles, in order to pilot the kite properly.

Kitesurfing aroused so much interest in our lives that we decided to leave our jobs to devote ourselves fully to the teaching of this sport. That's why we got to work, working at the school where we formed as a Kitesurfer and obtaining the title that accredited us as expert teachers in the subject (I.K.O / F.A.V.).

We felt that we had in front of us the opportunity to teach many more people our own learning methodology, to discover the greatness of this sport and to turn them into Kitesurfers for life.

That's why in 2010 we opened, at last, our esteemed Subcielo school in Tarifa

International Kiteboarding Organization
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Logo Duotone
junta de andalucia
Andalusian Sailing Federation
Maria Victoria López Kitesurf

Maria Victoria Lopez

Monitor and founder of Subcielo

I'm Antequerana by birth, but Tarifeña at heart. I teach Kitesurfing in Tarifa since 2007. I give courses both to beginners who want to start in this exciting sport, as well as to Riders who want to perfect their technique.

My specialty? I love teaching the little ones. They have fun with me and I really enjoy watching them evolve.

These are the Titles I have acquired to be, to this day, at the foot of the canyon as a Kitesurf teacher:

  • 2009/ I.K.O. Level 1
  • 2018/ First Aid Title
  • 2018/ F.A.V. Level 1

I enjoy working on the beach with nature and kites.

Manuel Beltran Kitesurf Tarifa

Manuel Beltran

Monitor and founder of Subcielo with Maria Victoria

Born in Barcelona, raised in antequera and kitesurfing in Tarifa since 2005. I teach this exciting sport through my courses: both beginners who want to immerse themselves in this sport, as well as experts who need to practice some other trick or move to another modality (such as strapless,Freestyle, Wake style, Race, Hidrofoil, among others).

A little resume. Discover the titles that have made me so far:

  • 2005/ F.A.V. basic kitesurfing monitor
  • 2008/ I.K.O. Level 1
  • 2010/ I.K.O. level 2
  • 2018/ First Aid Title
  • 2018/ F.A.V. Level 1
  • 2019/ F.A.V. LEVEL 2
  • 2019/ First Aid Title

My passion is my job and I enjoy teaching this fabulous sport.

Gustavo Arrojo Kitesurf

Gustavo Arrojo

Naish International Monitor and Rider

I was born in Almuñecar but I live in Tarifa to dedicate myself to my great passion. I'm Naish International Rider kiteboarding, Strapless camp and demos organizer.

I consider myself a professional with Strapless surfboards. I am willing, and delighted, to teach you all my skills.

I have a Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences by UCLM and i am a surf monitor titled Level 1.

I adapt perfectly to the needs of my students so that they learn Kitesurf at their pace and in the most appropriate way.

Igor - King of Chiringuito


The King of Chiringuito

From a young age I accompany my owners to put the flag on the beach, but when they start working I go to the beach bar.

If you see me by the beach, be assured that Subcielo Tarifa is nearby.

Live life.

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Born in: Antequera 2008
  • Title: He doesn't like water, but he's the king of the beach bar.

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