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What is the strapless kite?

Strapless means (without footstraps bindings) we will use a board similar to the surfboard so you are not subject to it. You use the traction of the kite and your feet to stay on the surfboard which is unidirectional (it only has fins or fins on the stern of the board). This discipline has several aspects that you can get a huge return on:

  • Surf kite: in which you use your board to surf the waves, being able to get in and out of it at will since you have a kite to move freely through them.
  • Freestyle: You can do incredible tricks by jumping and using the wind as a support for the board.

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Do I need a high level to start strapless?

No, this aspect of kitesurfing is easy to start with a minimum of kite control since the surface of the board is larger than a daily twintip and you can feel the progress on the first day of the course. Everything is starting and each one has its own rhythm, you just have to want to have fun and be willing to dedicate the necessary time, the more time you dedicate, the more progress you will see. Subcielo Tarifa teaches you the basics and the rest is up to you and if you already have some experience we can give you the necessary guidelines for your progress.

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Why learn strapless?

There are riders who get stuck in the twintip navigation or do not provide everything they need to continue practicing kitesurfing. If this is your case, it is the best time to go up one more step in your favorite sport.

  • Surf the waves to your liking.
  • You sail on a surfboard.
  • Jump using the wind.
Tips to get started in kitesurfing

Your strapless course is included:

During the course, the instructor will guide you with his radio to give you information in real time and thus progress quickly and the strapless course includes:

  • Vest, Neoprene and Helmet.
  • Walkie / Talkie.
  • Private or Semi-Private Class.
  • IKO level 2 monitor.
  • All the necessary material.

For your straples course we recommend that you go day by day but you can choose the days you want and you think necessary for your learning.

Technique and Correction
  • First transitions
  • Accelerate and brake
  • Surf and enjoy
  • Kite position
  • Body posture
  • Speed and direction
  • Balance
First Tips
  • Safety to consider
  • Bodydrag with table
  • Handling the board in water
  • STEADY-PULL control
  • Tips before entering
  • WATER-START control
  • How does it work
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Discover the entire strapless program:

Tell us how many days you want your course to last and we'll tell you what you'll learn:

Private strapless course from the beach

Your kitesurfing course taught with your instructor from the beach helping and guiding you 100% at your disposal assisting you with the walkie talkie. (€ 130 2h / day)

Private strapless boat course

Your kitesurfing course with your instructor, where we do it 100% at sea without having to walk and your monitor next to you in the boat assisting you with the walkie talkie. (€ 280 2h / day)

Strapless course for couples with boat

Your kitesurfing course and a friend with your instructor, where we do it 100% at sea. one in the water and the other in the boat with the monitor without having to walk and your monitor next to you in the boat assisting you with the walkie talkie. (€ 400 per person per day of 2h, price for 2)












€ 65 / Hour

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Una experiencia increíble, para repetir. Los instructores son muy amables y muy atentos al nivel de cada uno. Se aseguran de que el alumno haya...
Hace 3 semanas
Yvan Szafran
Genial! Tuve mi primera clase de kite con Manuel y todo perfecto. Muy buen profesor! Repetiré seguro ya que tuvimos que cancelar la segunda clase...
Hace 5 meses
Rocio Romero Quintana
Hola quiero decir que gracias a victoria y Manolo he disfrutado mucho haciendo kite surf una experiencia nueva para mi. La verdad que volveré para aprender...
Hace 3 semanas
Alejandro Valero Heredia

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