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Meet WindGuru: your best ally to do Kitesurfing

How many times have you hesitated about whether it was the right day, or not, to sail? We invite you to meet WindGuru. This tool produces very useful data to know the conditions that you will find if you go out to practice kitesurfing. It is very useful for us to get an idea of which spots in Tarifa to take advantage of. Are you signing up?

WindGuru will allow you to forecast the wind direction as well as many other variables of special interest to kiters. Another of his great goodness? You will be able to get information from any enclave in the world. Do not hesitate to use WindGuru in Tarifa, it will help you decide which beaches are the best to fly!


How to interpret what WindGuru shows you? Your forecast in a few minutes

If you're thinking of using the figures winding WindGuru in Tarifa, we invite you to continue reading. We give you some of the most relevant keys to understand the data and be able to predict the state and the evolution of time. Another interesting question: you can check this information both in real time and in the nearest days.

Eye! As you know, when it comes to time predictions can sometimes fail. Take this tool as a starting point for making decisions, but accept the possibility that changes may occur. If you already practice kitesurfing, you'll be familiar with how unpredictable nature is.

We tell you how to read the forecast step by step

Our recommendation is that, to start familiarizing yourself with this prediction page for kitesurfing, look at the following data:

  • The direction of the tide.
  • The size of the waves.
  • The strength and direction of the wind.
  • Time data according to hours.

Let's see, step by step, how to make our own predictions before going sailing:

Mark a date and time

The tool allows you to select hour ranges ranging from 5 a.m. to 8 pm, a whole day to plan! Find the time slot that combines the forecast that interests you according to your kite style and level.

Windguru Hours

Sail knowing in advance the wind speed

If you look, to the left of the WindGuru table, you will see that all the indicators that interest us will appear. First, you'll come across the 'wind speed' variable. By default it is marked in knots, but by clicking on it you can change the measurement system to kilometers per hour.

You will see that the force of the wind is represented by a continuous of colors ranging from turquoise to red: slower speed or stronger respectively. This schedule is very intuitive and easy to read.

Wind speed in WindGuru

Will there be gusts of wind that drive you?

Look at the value 'wind gusts' to know the points at which it will blow the strongest. If you value this data also taking into account the previous one (the speed of this), you will be able to know if a day of soft and constant wind awaits you or if it will be a day of strong emotions.

WindGuru gives us the exact direction of the cardinal point where the wind will blow by hovering the mouse on each of the arrows indicated according to each hour, a data of great interest if you know which one suits the Spot of Tarifa that you have decided to visit.

Bursts in WindGuru

Get up close and about the waves you're going to challenge

This value specifies the size of the waves in meters. In this case, the color range is always blue: the darker its hue, the greater the strength of the tidal. Without a doubt, this data is very valuable to those who are taking their first steps in this sport.

Waves in WindGuru

Information is power

There are many other indicators that will help you to predict what the conditions of the environment will look like during your kitesurfing day: the outside temperature, the cloudiness or the precipitation. It is important for those who prefer to avoid rain or excess heat.

Now you know how to interpret WindGuru to enjoy 100 of the possibilities that Tarifa offers you as a kiter or rider. As you can see, the apparent chaos when you first enter this tool is easy to overcome if you take into account the relevant information, see you on the beach!

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